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Holding Hands Up High


I do full-service qualitative social research, including design, methodology, implementation, data collection, analysis, interpretation, reporting, and knowledge-sharing. 

I use mainly qualitative methods (including ethnographic observation, interviews, one-on-one work, focus group discussions, questionnaires, surveys, document analysis, archival research), but I can include quantitative or mixed-methods analysis where appropriate.

With my in-depth training and experience, I can offer a rigorous and innovative approach to methodological design and analysis to ensure that you find meaningful insights in your research.


My work can be described as relationship counselling for organisations. I advise on international partnerships between humanitarian, civil society, or faith-based organisations, especially those based in Africa.


Drawing on training in building equity and inclusion, and expertise researching international partnerships in East Africa, I provide support for building and maintaining stronger, more equitable partnerships, by creating comprehensive, useful, and culturally relevant resources.

I can offer bespoke training or coaching for your organisation and your partners, to help you increase your impact by including local actors, and develop fair and just ways of working internationally.

Session in Progress


Monitoring and evaluation can seem a little impersonal, and if it's not anchored with learning, then it can become a box-ticking exercise. 

I support clients to reflect on their goals and objectives, and use this to design effective MEL systems. I especially enjoy working in more subjective contexts, where progress isn't a matter of straightforward measurement.


In particular, I have experience adapting MEL systems for faith-based organisations; and for applying MEL approaches to partnerships.

Art Class


If you've ever been to a workshop that felt frustrating, formulaic, or like a waste of your time, then you know how important good workshop design and facilitation is.


I'm skilled in facilitating workshops, seminars, and learning programmes. I use participant-led, learner-centred, and coaching methodologies to support participants as they uncover and integrate new concepts or practices.

I specialise in delivering workshops for partnered organisations to learn and grow together, and develop stronger and more equitable relationships.

Who I work with

I work mainly with civil society, community-based, humanitarian, or faith-based organisations; I also work with partnerships, particularly "North-South" partnerships. 

My academic background is in anthropology of religion, and so I specialise in research that takes into account the spiritual or faith practices of the research community. My methodological approach is not in itself faith-based and I work equally with secular and faith-based organisations. However, I do have an in-depth understanding of the needs of faith groups and their contributions to civil society, and am able to offer an approach that meet the needs of these groups in a more holistic way than mainstream approaches might. In particular, I can advise secular organisations who are partnering with faith-based groups in the global South.

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